Felman Lux was a 50th century human who built the Library planet (TV: Forest of the Dead) and founded the Felman Lux Corporation. (TV: Silence in the Library) While this was an act of public philanthropy, his private reason for building the Library was to save his dying daughter, Charlotte Abigail Lux. (TV: Forest of the Dead) Some time after the Library was completed, a Vashta Nerada infection triggered a lockdown, and it was up to Felman's descendants to break the seals and find out what had become of Charlotte. Including himself, this took three generations of the Lux family. His grandson, Strackman Lux, was finally able to penetrate the Library and funded an archaeological expedition led by Professor River Song. Joined by the Doctor and Donna Noble they were able to solve the mystery of what had happened on the planet and save the thousands of people who had been trapped there. (TV: Silence in the Library)

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