Felicity was a friend of Shireen, and one of the group whom Bill Potts moved in with following the search for decent and affordable student accommodation. (TV: Knock Knock)

Biography Edit

While she was a student at St Luke's University, Felicity and a few other classmates were looking for decent but affordable student accommodation. After an afternoon of disappointing offers by an estate agency, the Landlord came up to them and offered them his massive house for a surprisingly cheap rent price.

The night everyone moved in, she began noticing creeks and knocking in the wooden walls. After the Landlord seemingly left, the Twelfth Doctor stayed with Felicity and Harry. Suddenly, the house seemed to come to life and all the doors and shutters began to seal themselves shut. Terrified because of her claustrophobia, Felicity managed to force her way out of the kitchen window before it sealed shut behind her. She then tried to call the police, only to be absorbed by a tree in the garden.

After Eliza took her own life as well as her son's, Felicity and the other students were restored by the Dryads before watching the entire house disintegrate. (TV: Knock Knock)

Personality Edit

Felicity was enthusiastic and adopted a positive attitude. However, she was easily frightened, excited and afraid of mice. She did not react well to dangerous or strange situations and broke down into hysterics when she was trapped due to suffering from intense claustrophobia. (TV: Knock Knock)

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