Dr Felice Delacroix was a human scientist.

She was part of a small Earth government-funded project on Charon to research stunnel technology abandoned by the Interstitial Mass Transit System. (PROSE: Transit) Chris Cwej's accidental arrival made them aware of the imminent Dalek attack on Charon. The pressure inspired them to try a different approach and they successfully created a stunnel connecting to the Ultima relay beyond Cassius, beyond the Daleks' blockade.

However, the stunnel terminus was drawn back into the solar system. With the moon being bombarded, Felice and the others had no choice and went through the stunnel.

It brought them to an underground chamber where the Martian Sphinx had been moved, and Falaxyr had set up his own research project to make the GodEngine work. He had diverted the stunnel to get the scientists' help. He had them put through the Brain-rack to ensure their obedience.

After the Seventh Doctor stopped Falaxyr and destroyed the GodEngine, the effects of the Brain-rack wore off. Felice was one of the guests at Sstaal and Esstar's wedding.

However, her death was part of the Web of Time. The Seventh Doctor demonstrated this to Roz Forrester and Chris Cwej by showing them a list of the inhabitants of Mars who had died during the ten-year occupation of the solar system, which included Delacroix. (PROSE: GodEngine)

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