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Fegovy was an artificial being, created by the Syndicate to collect wealth.

Appearance and abilities Edit

Fegovy looked like a ball of green gas and had a metallic, artificial voice. It could create highly advanced holographic images, connect to a computer database and survive a blast from an ion converter. It was programmed to use lies, illusions and cunning to amass wealth, but it wasn't programmed to respond to such things. (PROSE: Fegovy)

History Edit

Fegovy was created by the Syndicate to collect objects, which it did even after the destruction of the Syndicate's homeworld. This collection included valuable objects from across space, as well as individuals with high prices on their heads. Over the thousands of years it had been active, Fegovy had managed to collect a Quark, a Kroton and a Glasseater.

At some point before the 27th century, Fegovy had found the Face of Humanity and decided to use it lure in more treasures. He contacted New Alexandria (which had information he could steal), the Chelonian Empire (which would pay handsomely for The Face) and Miss Monodine (who had a high price on her head). After a collision with Miss Monodine's ship, the Sixth Doctor and Mel followed them to the auction. Though Varzald the Chelonian won the auction, Miss Monodine attacked Fegovy and killed the Chelonians, forcing Fegovy to retreat. When Miss Monodine followed it, Fegovy was able to capture her. Though it planned to capture the Doctor next, the Doctor was able to convince Fegovy to allow them to escape by giving it the location of Gallifrey. It was only after the Doctor had escaped that Fegovy realised the Doctor had lied. (PROSE: Fegovy)

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