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Fear of the Dark was the fifty-eighth novel in the BBC Past Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Trevor Baxendale, released 6 January 2003 and featured the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan Jovanka.

This was only the second occurrence of this lineup (the first in the PDA range was Zeta Major, published in 1998). This was Baxendale's only contribution to the PDA range, but he has written several novels for other Doctors in novel and audio ranges.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

2003 BBC Books edition[edit | edit source]

On the very edge of the galaxy lies Akoshemon: a putrefied world of legendary evil.

In the year 2382 archaeologists land on Akoshemon's only moon, searching for evidence of the planet's infamous past. But when the Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa are drawn into the lunar caverns they find more than a team of academics — and help uncover much more than ancient history.

Something is lying in wait, deep inside the labyrinth of caves: something that remembers the spiral of war, pestilence and deprivation that ruined Akoshemon. Something that rejoiced in every kind of horror and destruction.

An age-old terror is about to be reborn. But what is the hideous secret of the Bloodhunter? And why does Nyssa feel that her thoughts are no longer her own? Forced to confront his own worst fears, even the Doctor will be pushed to breaking point — and beyond.

2013 BBC Books edition[edit | edit source]

On a moon of the ruined planet Akoshemon, an age-old terror is about to be reborn. Something that remembers the spiral of war, pestilence and deprivation — and rejoices in it. The Fifth Doctor joins a team of archaeologists searching for evidence of the planet's infamous past, and uncovers more than just ancient history. Forced to confront his own worst fears, even the Doctor will be pushed to breaking point — and beyond.

Plot[edit | edit source]

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Comic preview from DWM 325. Illustration by Mike Collins.

Characters[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

Alcohol[edit | edit source]

  • Kalazak brandy is exceptionally strong, giving you a burning sensation upon drinking it. Ogrons drink it in abundance.

Astronomical objects[edit | edit source]

Corporations[edit | edit source]

The Doctor[edit | edit source]

  • The Doctor mentions his encounters with the Daleks, the Cybermen and is sure that the Black Guardian will catch up with him one day.
  • The Doctor says that he has a gift for languages and given time should be able to decipher the hieroglyphs around the crypt housing the remains of the Dark.
  • The Doctor has a cricket ball signed by Mike Gatting.
  • When the Doctor is under the influence of the Dark, he sees a nightmare image of himself regenerating time and time again on a blood soaked altar, and sees himself regenerate into his Sixth and Seventh incarnations.

Galactic law[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

  • Silus Cadwell says that "some people believe that, before our own universe, there were strange forces: gods if you like, from before our time".

Minerals[edit | edit source]

  • Prozium is a valuable mineral, although not as highly prized as lexium.

Planets[edit | edit source]

Robots[edit | edit source]

  • Mechanoids are no longer used by 2382, and have been put out of use for a while.

Ships[edit | edit source]

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Solar systems[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

The 2013 cover.

  • A comic preview of this novel was printed in DWM 325.
  • The year this novel is set in is inconsistent:
    • Jim Boyd gives the year as 2382. This is supported by the back cover and Tegan referring to the time period as 400 years after 1982.
    • A computer display is dated "2319.01.12.", only 63 years before 2382. However, Tegan refers to this as being "over one hundred and fifty years ago." The Doctor later says that Ravus Oldeman has been in stasis "for over one hundred and sixty years." Jyl Stoker, Nyssa, and Oldeman use "one hundred and sixty years" at points in the novel.
    • Tegan thinks that Oldeman "may have been pushing two hundred and thirty" after being in stasis, putting his age as a minimum of 70 when he entered stasis. Oldeman he claimed to be "young and fit" before he entered stasis.
    • The Doctor says Oldeman is "extremely fit for two hundred and sixty-five." This would make Ravus Oldeman a minimum of ~105 years old when he went into stasis. The Doctor later says Oldeman is "pushing three hundred years old."
  • This novel was reprinted with a brand new cover on 7 March 2013 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

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