Fear of Corners was the thirteenth story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology Life During Wartime. It was written by Mark Stevens.

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The Axis is trying to open a connection between the Collection and the Chiasm, which is an interdimensional network that allows instantaneous travel over long distances. However, something about the Collection is interfering with the Chiasm, as buildings are rearranging themselves.

The source of the disturbance seems to be the Small Trianon. In addition, both Irving Braxiatel and Bev Tarrant are missing. To make matters worse, the disturbance starts to affect the memories of those near the source.

Benny is starting to have short-term memory problems. Joseph gives her a message from Brax; he says the message is actually a room, Brax' study, and that it is now located in Benny's bathroom.

Benny has forgotten who both she and Joseph are. She remembers she has a job to do, but gets distracted and forgets. Joseph has to remind her, and she heads for the bathroom/study.

She finds that she has a gun in her hand. She sees Brax in a chair, strangling Bev, while a figure in white stands nearby. Benny shoots Brax in the chest and he collapses. The white figure shrieks and heads for Benny, but then it starts to be dragged towards Brax. It can't stop itself from falling apart, and when it does, Brax comes to, and cheerfully greets Benny.

Brax explains that the white figure was something to do with his people's ability to change bodies, and that he attempted to strangle Bev to defeat it.

The Axis disconnects the Chiasm; Bev is now uneasy about Brax; and Brax tells Benny to hope for the future.

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  • After this experience, Benny has dreams about something called the Watcher.
  • During her memory problems, Benny remembers that she misses someone called Peter.
  • Benny can't remember if she's a coffee or tea person.

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  • This story is told through letters and Benny's diary. Portions of the story are told in the second person.

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