Fear Is a Superpower was a webcast that was made specifically for the Doctor Who: Lockdown! event. It featured a comic strip of Danny Pink in his final moments before his death during Death in Heaven.


As Danny Pink ascends into the sky with the Cybermen, he recalls his life and meeting the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald.


As Danny Pink flies into the sky with the Cyberman army, he realizes he is scarred but remembers that fear makes him strong. He remembers his childhood and how he met a lovely woman and an angry man who told him "What's wrong with 'scared'? Scared is a superpower. It's your super-power."

When he slept that night, Danny changed and woke up with those words resonating through him. He decided that morning to become a soldier, but when he became one, he grew angry and came to regret his chosen life. He decided to leave the army and become a math teacher, where he worried he would not be able to get over his past mistakes. While teaching, he met Clara Oswald, who he felt vaguely familiar with and the Doctor. He began to date Clara and, fearing losing her to the Doctor and his adventures, decided to become a stronger man in order to settle down with her.

However, he met a tragic fate when reborn as a Cyberman. Not wanting to lose Clara, he used his love to stop Missy controlling him. He decided he wanted to save her from the other Cybermen, choosing to sacrifice himself to destroy the Cybermen. Now, realizing he is back in the sky, his end drawing near, he focuses on those words he heard as a child and, saving the world, died knowing Clara was safe.




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