feLixi was a member of the People.

During the the war with the Great Hive Mind, feLixi and Vi!Cari served on board the S-Lioness. On a mission to Tipor'oosis, vi!Cari was one point two picoseconds too late to save feLixi's love aTraxi from being killed. After the war, he named his house after her in her memory.

Thirty years later, feLixi still blamed vi!Cari for aTraxi's death. It arranged for the drone to be destroyed in a lightning storm. He fell in love with Roz Forrester during the investigation of vi!Cari's murder. However, she rejected him when she discovered he was responsible.

The highest punishment amongst the People was not the death penalty, but complete social ostracism, which was a severe punishment in a culture with over two trillion sentient beings. This was what happened to feLixi, who was trapped on the Worldsphere for the rest of his life, since even the ships would not allow him onboard. (PROSE: The Also People)

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