You may be looking for Fausta or Doctor Faustus.

Faust was a play by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe inspired by an adventure he once had with the Eighth Doctor, in which a Bacchanite bartender tried to use wine at a Viennese tavern to create illusions of personal sorrow to capture his patrons. (PROSE: The Sorrows of Vienna)

Faust was mentioned by the Fourth Doctor when describing the odds of all the animals in the London Zoo trying to escape on the same morning. (PROSE: Stanley)

In 1993, Bernice Summerfield read from James Rafferty's copy of Faust, which was written in the original German. She mentally translated the line "Die Kunst ist lang, and kurz ist unser Leben" to "Art is long, and our life is short." (PROSE: The Dimension Riders)

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