Father/Husband of Mine was the patriarch of a criminal family known as the Family of Blood. He possessed the body of Farmer Clark in 1913 to find the Tenth Doctor and steal his near-immortal life essence. Despite being the head of the family, he allowed Son of Mine to take charge. He was the second of the family to take a host. After the Family was defeated, the Doctor wrapped Father of Mine in unbreakable chains made of dwarf star alloy and left him in an underground chamber. (TV: Human Nature / The Family of Blood)

Personality Edit

Despite being the patriarch of the Family of Blood, Father of Mine often let Son of Mine take charge. However, he was just as psychotic, ruthless and murderous as the rest of his family and never hesitated to kill people on a whim. He had a tendency to yell, scream and shout violently, even when no one else was present. (TV: The Family of Blood)

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Father of Mine is one of the enemies in Doctor Who Legacy mobile game.

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