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Father Time was an old man with a long beard dressed in a robe and carrying a scythe. It was unclear if he was the actual embodiment of time or just an eccentric old man.

The Second Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon arrived in the Time Temple, where they met Father Time. He became angry when they told him they travelled through time, and punished them by placing them in death traps. The Doctor was tied to a pendulum swinging ever closer to a vat of boiling oil, while Jamie was placed in the bottom half of an hourglass where he would be buried in the sand. When they escaped, he tried to kill them himself, first with a crossbow and then with a squad of clock robots, but they evaded these attempts as well, and Father Time was knocked out by one of the robots. (COMIC: Father Time)

Legends in the City of the Saved held that Bribori Zadig was Old Father Time and, if he woke up, immortality would end in the City. (PROSE: Sleeping Giants)

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