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Father Figure was the second short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Farewells. It was written by Steve Lyons. It featured the Second Doctor and Victoria Waterfield.


Victoria wakes from a dream of her father. She goes to the console room, where the Doctor is working. He says they haven't left London yet. Victoria needs some fresh air, and the Doctor tells her not to wander too far.

Meanwhile, in a cemetery, a robot waits to fulfil its programming. Three children approach, and it kills to preserve itself.

Victoria takes a bus to the cemetery where her mother is buried. She stumbles across a dead child, and sees the robot. Although it has been damaged from years of exposure to weather, she recognises its face as that of her father's.

The robot recognises Victoria's face and starts to fulfil its basic program: to kill her. It corners her, but before it can kill her, the Doctor has appeared and jabs the sonic screwdriver into its eye socket.

The Doctor apologises to Victoria for not seeing that she needed to say goodbye to her father. Back in the TARDIS, Victoria realises that, for now, this is her home.



  • The Daleks programmed the robot to wait for Victoria.
  • During this adventure, Jamie is asleep in the TARDIS.


  • This story was released as a pdf download on the Big Finish website, promoting the newly published anthology it was a part of.


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