Farringham School for Boys was a school.

John Smith taught there as a history teacher. At this time one of the nurses was Joan Redfern. This school taught various lessons, such as history. Some staff such as Rocastle and John Smith wore mortarboards as a symbol of authority. At least one known corporal punishment was used—caning. In 1913, the pupils were known to have practised shooting, which took place outside and involved bullets being fired at targets resembling humanoids. Housemaids, such as Jenny and Martha, were seen as inferior — even to the pupils; Baines and Hutchinson were addressed as "sir", even by them, and would comply if they were ordered around. At least Hutchinson was entitled to punish Latimer — with permission. Punishments available to hand out to others ranged from doing homework, polishing shoes, or even receiving a beating. As Rocastle puts it, "It's your class, Mr Smith." Smith granted Hutchnison permission when he asked him for it. (TV: Human Nature / The Family of Blood)

Known staff of the School included Martha Jones, Mr Phillips, Matron Joan Redfern, Mr Rocastle, John Smith and Jenny.

Known pupils of the School included Armitage, Ashington, Jeremy Baines, Baxter, Hutchinson, Jackson, Jenkins, Timothy Latimer, Lockley, Pemberton, Peterson, Redfern, Smythe, Thwaites and Wicks.

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