The Farrian were a war-like race that once attempted to invade E-Space.

Biology Edit

The Farrian stood at an average of six foot, they wore thick armour. They were equipped with blasters and three retracting blades in their arms, these blades were six inches long.

Tactics Edit

The Farrian would use scouts to find targets before they engaged, these scouts would often kill enemies if they were discovered. They used teleportation technology to move their troops.

Farrian used smaller ships to escort the larger ones. (AUDIO: The Invasion of E-Space)

Technology Edit

The Farrian had large battleships covered in gun ports. Small ships were still powerful, covering the larger in attacks. They used teleport disks that incorporated nanotechnology; each was the size of a coin. They would each teleport in a Farrian raider.

The Farrian developed knowledge of technology capable of opening CVEs. They did this through Block Transfer Computation, a technology they learnt from a prisoner. (AUDIO: The Invasion of E-Space)

History Edit

At first the Farrian were a small tribe. They had not the numbers to succeed through force; instead they used surprise and merciless tactics to overcome their enemies. Their numbers increased with their success. Their technology all came from those they had plundered.

The Farrian sent scouts through a CVE into E-Space. They scanned the planet Ballustra from its moon, Letrus. They killed a number of Ballustrans who found them, both on Ballustra and Letrus. Led by Mexin, they decided to invade Ballustra when their scans it found it to have a valuable mineral, Genellium.

Their ships came through the CVE and released teleport disks. They took Romana and Adric back to their central battleship.

The Fourth Doctor disabled the CVE generator in N-Space and the Farrian were forced to retreat. Only the officers were recalled to the central ship that then left through the CVE. Its stern was caught as it closed, the odds were against it having made it through, but it was possible. The Farrian left behind helped in the reconstruction of Ballustra. (AUDIO: The Invasion of E-Space)

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