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Farewell, Sarah Jane was a webcast that was made specifically for the Doctor Who: Lockdown! event to coincide with the anniversary of Elisabeth Sladen's passing. Billed as the final Sarah Jane Adventure,[1] it confirmed the in-universe death of Sarah Jane Smith at some point into the 21st century.

It was hybrid in its format: while most of the story was read aloud by narrator Jacob Dudman, filmed in his recording booth, some scenes, such as Jo Jones's exit and other characters' contributions, were fully acted, with the clips inserted into the narrative.


Sarah Jane Smith has passed away and many of the Doctor's allies from throughout history have come together to attend her funeral. As everyone begins to catch up with one another and celebrate their time together, the Trickster reveals himself in an attempt to replace Earth with a sinister duplicate, but is swiftly defeated when he is shrunken "to the size of a doll and [locked] in a treasure chest at the bottom of the Atlantic for the next thousand years".

Everyone resumes the commemoration before leaving one by one. Jo Grant tells everyone that it would not be right for the Doctor to attend the funeral. "He's got two hearts, imagine them both breaking." Gita Chandra admits that she was jealous of Sarah Jane because she thought her husband, Haresh, had fancied her. She ultimately accepted her as a close friend. Dorothy McShane reveals that out of all the people the Doctor missed, Sarah Jane was the one he missed the most. Upon meeting her, she saw why. She leaves, taking K9 with her.

Luke Smith, Clyde Langer and Rani Chandra are the only ones left with Clyde saying that Sarah Jane was "alright" before emotionally reminiscing on how she saw that there was more to him and made something of him. They head down to 13 Bannerman Road where the three remember that they were all out of the country when they heard the news that Sarah Jane had passed away. "It felt like Sarah Jane had waited until they were out of sight to save from any pain."

The gang head inside the house to reminisce some more before awakening Mr Smith who is also emotional about Sarah Jane's passing. As part of Sarah Jane's instructions, they are to leave the house vacant until the day someone else comes to continue what they started. Luke finally expresses how happy he was to have her as a mother and how she helped him pursue a relationship with Sanjay, to whom he is now married.

Luke and Clyde leave the attic, but Rani remains to talk to Mr Smith one final time. She states that she believes in her heart that Sarah Jane did not die, but was instead invited by the Doctor to explore time and space once again, forever. Mr Smith agrees with the sentiment as the trio leave the now-vacant house.


Narrated by Jacob Dudman
Mr Smith voiced by Jacob Dudman




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