Fanson was the assistant of Majenta Pryce. He worked for her when she was part of the Crimson Hand, when she escaped the Crimson Hand, she forced him to wipe her memories. (COMIC: The Crimson Hand)

She then want on to own a hotel chain named Hotel Historia a company which went bust during the Last Great Time War. When the Doctor arrived and found out about the chain he closed it down and Fanson was arrested. (COMIC: Hotel Historia)

He then went on to assist the Skith in their plan to freeze Sydney and make a Skardis. When he met Majenta, he wanted to tell her about her past as she had her memories wiped clean, but they could not get two minutes together. He was killed when the Skith General fired some Ice Shards at Majenta. He took them for her in his guilt for wiping her mind. He told her that he had to wipe her mind so she never knew a thing as he was aware of her terrible past. (COMIC: The Age of Ice)

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