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Fanboys was the twenty-first short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Snapshots. It was written by Paul Magrs, and continued the story of David Taylor from his novel Strange Boy. Magrs would later write a full length novel with a similar subject matter to this story, The Diary of a Dr. Who Addict, which is a sequel to this story.


David and Chris are two brothers, both of which are major fans of Doctor Who TV show, or as they call it "The Show", and they stay up all night to talk about the upcoming season.

Earlier, at dinner, when serving them tomato soup their mam had shouted at David and Chris for obsessing over Doctor Who. Her boyfriend, Brian, went upstairs to comfort her. Chris then had broken the silence by asking David a question about the Doctor.

The next day, as a family, the four of them go to Darlington. They eat French fries at Wimpys, and David and Chris go into WHSmith's to buy Doctor Who Target novels. Chris buys "State of Decay", which he reads in the space of a few hours.

That night, the brothers read their new novels, ignoring the TV in the background, and outside it begins to snow. At about four in the morning, Chris is gone from his bed, and the front door is open. David, and his mam and Brian fear the worst, and they head out to find him.

They head off towards the edge of the estate, trudging through thick snow, and they come to an area of overgrown and abandoned land, and they head towards the Burn - a stream that's treacherous in the dark. David's mam contemplates phoning the police, but decides against it as it would mean that her ex-husband would get involved. After searching for a while, they head off back home as they have no choice but to phone the police.

Just as they arrive back home, they notice that the neighbouring house has its lights are on, and the dad who lives there, comes out, and tells them that Chris is in his house.

After taking Chris home, his mam runs him a hot bath, then, despite how early it is in the morning, David and Chris head off to their beds and go to sleep.



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