Famine Appeal is a Comic Relief special clip broadcast in 1985, where Colin Baker appeared in-character as the Sixth Doctor.

Synopsis Edit

The Sixth Doctor urges the viewers to donate and help with the famine in Ethiopia.

Plot Edit

We join the Doctor in an unknown fairground-like location, who proceeds to greet the audience. He takes on a sombre tone as he compares the evils he fights as minescule in comparison to the injustice of world hunger. The Doctor then urges the audience to provide money in order to prevent hunger and save lives, in which case he would acknowledge them as his friend. He then vanishes as the clip ends.

Cast Edit

Crew Edit

  • Unknown male - Music vocals

Story notes Edit

  • The Sixth Doctor's hair appears to be larger than it does in any other appearance of this incarnation.
  • The Doctor breaks the fourth wall considerably in this clip.
  • Neither Peri, Mel or any other expanded media companion appears in this short.
  • The Doctor appears to vanish at the end.
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