The Family of Blood's ship was the vessel used by the Family of Blood. It was fitted with a stolen vortex manipulator to travel through time and track the Doctor's TARDIS. It was also invisible to be undetected. When someone got near, a green force field would activate to ensure the safety of the ship.

The interior was green and had buttons for controls. The ship could fire rockets, as it did at the Farringham School for Boys on 11 November 1913.

Whilst Jeremy Baines was searching for a stash of illicit beer hidden in Blackdown Woods, he came across the ship. When he entered, he was found by the Family in their natural forms. After he was possessed, three more humans were kidnapped by their Scarecrows and used as hosts. The ship contained a Hydrokinometer.

When John Smith turned back into the Tenth Doctor, he went into the ship posing as his human alter ego and stumbled around hitting several controls to amusement of the Family. After the Doctor revealed himself, he showed the Family of Blood that he had hit controls that would cause the engines to explode. The Family quickly fled the ship as it was destroyed and were taken for eternal punishment by the Doctor. (TV: Human Nature / The Family of Blood)

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