False Gods was the first story in the audio anthology, Forty-Five, which comprised the one hundred and fifteenth release in Big Finish's monthly range. It was written by Mark Morris and featured Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor, Sophie Aldred as Ace and Philip Olivier as Hex.

It was notable for showing a Time Lord other than the Doctor confronting the legal ramifications of breaking the Laws of Time.

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In the blistering heat of the Egyptian desert Howard Carter and his team search for the lost tomb of Userhat, a servant of the god Amun. What they discover sheds new light on the history of the world as we know it.

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  • In the far future, Earth's ozone layer is compromised to the extent that life can no longer be sustained on the planet.


  • The way to kill a TARDIS is to pilot it into the heart of a star.
  • Jane Templeton's TARDIS is disguised as a shabti figure.
  • When a TARDIS is dying, it can link with another healthier TARDIS and recover partially.

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