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Falls the Shadow was the thirty-second New Adventures novel featuring the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bernice Summerfield. It was author Daniel O'Mahony's first novel, and his only contribution to the Virgin New Adventures range.

Publisher's summary[]

"We are deranged. We are psychopaths, sociopaths, up the garden path," said Tanith. "We are mad, and you are trapped with us."

The TARDIS is imprisoned in a house called Shadowfell, where a man is ready to commence the next phase of an experiment that will remake the world.

A stranger dressed in grey watches from a hillside, searching for the sinister powers growing within the house. A killer appears from the surrounding forest, determined to carry out her deadly instructions. In the cellar, something lingers, observing and influencing events, waiting to take on flesh and emerge. And trapped in alien darkness, the last survivor of a doomed race mourns for the lost planet Earth.


Prologue: Qxeleq awakes to find her world dead, the Hive empty and all six million people, including her mate and the embryos in her womb, gone. She is surrounded in darkness, unable to scream as she doesn't have a mouth. She wonders if she actually did survive the apocalypse.

A man in grey watches a house called the Shadowfell, encountering a girl named Rose, looking for her brother. He sneaks into the basement, tracking an anomaly, and finds her brother just before he dies, having been tortured by two balls of light. They attack and kill the Grey Man. A woman dreaming in darkness decides to call herself "Jane Page" this time.

The TARDIS travellers find the ship has been plunged into darkness, but things like life support still work, and the ship is still moving towards an unknown destination. A blinding light emerges from the time rotor and fills the console room. The TARDIS materialises in the basement of the house. The two lights know what it is and are excited.

Harry Truman and Sandra Winterdawn discuss experiments and Justin Cranleigh's mental state. The Doctor, Ace, and Benny split up and explore the basement cautiously. Benny meets Cranleigh, who calls her Laura and holds her at knifepoint. She eventually escapes, finding something horrible in the basement and hearing malicious laughter before fleeing outside. The grey man is there and he erases her memory to calm her.

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  • Bernice loses two pints of blood when she's attacked by vampire orchids.
  • The metahedron caused several mutations of animals and plants in the jungles around it, including insects with(out) extra wings, legs, and heads, and the vampire blooms.

The Doctor[]

  • Theta Sigma is not the Doctor's name, but identifies him uniquely amongst the Time Lords and should not be spoken outside of the Academy.
  • The Doctor mentions the Eye of Harmony and the Daleks.
  • Benny's death causes the Doctor to consider leaving Ace in 1994 and returning home to Gallifrey. He's been meaning to settle down for a while.




  • The first humanoids evolved on a world 30 billion light-years from Earth.
  • Cathedral is a metacultural engine programmed to, essentially, introduce "greyness" into places where the duality of black and white persists. It is ruled by the Mandelbrot Set after being created by the Grey Man.




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