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Falling was the fourth story of the seventh season of Big Finish Productions' Short Trips series.

Publisher's summary[]

Long, long ago, Mrs Polly Jackson travelled in the TARDIS with her friends, the Doctor and Ben. Together, they saw many remarkable things – some magical, some terrifying, some filled with awe and wonder. Only one incident, however, was truly inexplicable, a single encounter which failed at the time wholly to make sense. At least, that is, until today...


Polly, now Polly Jackson, wakes early and, leaving her husband asleep, comes downstairs and into the sitting room with a mug of tea. Everything in the house is boxed up and ready for the removal men arriving later today. Polly suddenly feels upset and angry about having to move away from her lovely house and garden, maybe the move can still be called off? Coming to her senses and feeling selfish she sits down and opens a box containing various trinkets they both have acquired together. One item piques her interest at the bottom of the box; a long, greenish, brightly coloured feather. It certainly isn't from Earth, alien then? It sparks some long forgotten memories from her younger self, living a very different lifestyle in very different surroundings...

In the TARDIS, Polly wakes from a bad dream with tears running down her face, she ventures out into the corridor and runs into Ben in his sailor's outfit. They realise they have both had the same nightmare and resolve to find the First Doctor. Entering the console room it, like the rest of the ship, is only half-lit with an eerily quiet, almost melancholic feeling. There the pair find the white haired old man standing with his hands on the controls staring straight ahead as if lost in a trance. Ben interrupts the Doctor from his thoughts and informs him of their bad dreams. The Doctor confesses he too has had the dream, containing feelings of loss and sadness.



  • The Doctor had heard myths of the Angel when he was young, told as nursery rhymes.



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