Falkus was a clone of Davros created by the Daleks as part of a project on the planet Azimuth. He was named after Falkus, the second moon of Skaro.

Originally, Falkus was created with the intention that Davros would transfer his mind into the clone once it was fully grown, but after the Dalek invasion of Azimuth was publically defeated by the Seventh Doctor and Ace, the remaining Daleks eventually activated Falkus, allowing him to develop his own personality. He came to consider himself the 'son' of Davros. His laboratory was an exact replica of Davros' whilst he was at the Kaled Dome.

Hiding on Azimuth, Falkus stopped a Dalek from damaging Kurt Schalk, and suggested surgery to remove his false memories. He informed the Black Dalek that all Daleks should obey Schalk's orders, but concealed the fact that he was regarded as the Supreme Dalek.

Eventually, Falkus captured the Seventh Doctor, intending to torture him to learn about the Doctor's past victories so that he could undo them. He was also able to acquire the Persuasion machine, as well as apparently brainwashing Elizabeth Klein to use it for his benefit. However, the Klein operating the machine was actually a duplicate, who had been programmed to use the machine to destroy all Daleks on Azimuth, as well as all cloned matter. This resulted in the death of Falkus and his Daleks. (AUDIO: Daleks Among Us)

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