In June 1982, the Daily Mirror ran a front page story about the United Kingdom achieving a victory over Argentina in a war for the Falklands, which were had been taken by the British Task Force. (COMIC: The Infinite Astronaut)

Michael Masterson's elder brother fought in the Falklands War and his face was badly burnt. (AUDIO: And You Will Obey Me)

Kevin claimed to have fought in the Falklands War but his friends did not believe him. (AUDIO: Rat Trap)

Major Dickens (AUDIO: Night Thoughts) and St John Colchester fought in the war. (AUDIO: Eye of the Storm)

Trench lost a leg in the war. (PROSE: Iceberg)

Behind the scenes Edit

The date of the Daily Mirror issue with the victory announcement is not legible. However, a calendar hanging on the wall in the same comic panel clearly shows the year to be 1982 and the month to end on the letter "e", which can only be June. In the real world, the Falklands War officially ended on 14 June 1982.

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