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Fairy Tale of New New York was the sixth short story in Twelve Doctors of Christmas, featuring the Sixth Doctor.

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The Doctor and Mel arrive on the Abbey, a ship run by the Sisters of Plenitude, ran by the Doctor's old friend Abbess Ayesha. Upon his arrival, he finds a heavily-guarded ward filled with children, who are wired up to machines and fluids. With reports from the patients themselves that children are being taken from Charge Tarrow and eaten, the Doctor demands answers from Ayesha.

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The Sisters of Plenitude Edit

  • The Abbess is the highest rank within the order of the Sisters of Plenitude. Their robes were red.
  • Underneath the Abbess was the Charge, who wore green robes and whose priorities were to control the wards and ensure the Novices and Sisters were performing their tasks.

Catkind Edit

  • Just like humans could be allergic to cats, a small minority of cats could also be allergic to humans. The effects of a human allergy was much more devastating in the Catkind.

The Doctor Edit

  • Ayesha notes that the Doctor's temperament has not improved with regeneration.
  • She also notes that Mel is yet another companion from the twentieth century.
  • Ayesha states that her last meeting with the Doctor was sixty years from her perspective, but guesses that for the Doctor, he would have been through numerous bodies.

Miscellanious Edit

  • Ayesha asks Mel if the Doctor still has "that robot dog".
  • The Doctor ensures to wear a badge resembling a Catkind rather than a domesticated cat, stating that he doesn't wish to cause offense.
  • The Doctor fails to remember whether New Earth is in galaxy M57 or M87, later stating that it depended on which direction you entered from.
  • In this section of the galaxy, armed guards are required as children are useful bounty to space pirates, corsairs and the likes.

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