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Fadros Pallujikaa was the leader of a tribe of Sycorax. He led an asteroid ship to Earth in 2006 and tried to invade the planet using blood control.


Fadros Pallujikaa wore red robes of leadership, as well as trophies of his victories. He also wore a rib from his wife, Haxan Craw, as a marriage bondage. (COMIC: The Widow's Curse) He carried the Staff of Helkaac-ak-ac and a death whip which he used to kill. (PROSE: The Final Darkness)


In 2006, he led the tribe into Earth's airspace above London after his ship picked up Guinevere One over the surface of Mars, using the A+ blood onboard the probe to hold the planet to ransom by blood controlling all A- positive humans. He brought Harriet Jones aboard when she declared herself leader of Earth, along with her aide, Alex Klein, Daniel Llewellyn and UNIT Major Blake. When Llewellyn attempted to plead mercy from the Sycorax, Pallujikaa murdered both him and Major Blake with his death whip. He saw through Rose Tyler's subterfuge when she claimed to have the authority to order the invaders to depart.

He duelled with the Tenth Doctor and cut off his hand which the Doctor was able to regrow using residual energy from his recent regeneration - allowing the Doctor to defeat him. When the Doctor's back was turned, Pallujikaa tried to kill him again, but the Doctor used a satsuma from his borrowed dressing gown to hit a button which collapsed the ground the leader was standing on and he plummeted thousands of feet to his death. The Doctor justified his action by stating, "No second chances. I'm that sort of man." (TV: The Christmas Invasion)

His fight was watched by Haxan Craw, who wanted revenge on the Doctor for his death. (COMIC: The Widow's Curse)

The Great Intelligence mentioned, among others, the death of "the leader of the Sycorax" at the hands of the Doctor to dispute Madame Vastra's claim that the Doctor was never "blood-soaked". (TV: The Name of the Doctor)

Behind the scenes[]

  • On-screen credit for the character lists him as "Sycorax Leader". However, he can be heard using his full name in Sycoraxic language to address himself during his first transmission to Earth, though it is not clearly indicated to be his name.