Faction Hollywood (earlier called the North Los Angeles Cabal) was a group started by Faction Paradox acolytes. It was considered by The Book of the War to be a Remote colony.

As early as 1925, it was known as the North Los Angeles Cabal. They were only of minor interest to Faction Paradox, considered more of a Remote colony. John Selzner was a prominent member of the Cabal in the 1930s. They started using the more business-friendly name Faction Hollywood in the 1980s after Michael Brookhaven rose to power. Their influence declined following Brookhaven's disappearance in 1999 after the release of Mujun: The Ghost Kingdom.

Best known for the bargain of the mask, Darry McEwan was the most prominent beneficiary of it. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

Following the fall of the Eleven-Day Empire, the Shift believed that three separate Faction Paradox groups, all unaware of each other, survived in early 21st century America. (PROSE: Head of State)

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