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Façades was the sixth issue of Prisoners of Time. It featured the Sixth Doctor and his companions Peri Brown and Frobisher, and featured the first appearance of the Master in an issue of Prisoners of Time.

Publisher's summary[]

Our yearlong celebration of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary continues! Mmm, I wonder... aha! It is the Sixth Doctor who takes the spotlight in this issue of a 12-part epic adventure featuring all 11 incarnations of the Doctor! As Peri and Frobisher attempt to free the Doctor from an asylum, not one, but two villains are revealed!


The Sixth Doctor lands in the year 7214, where a nature preserve is keeping the last penguins alive. The Doctor's captured by the local robotic officials, who believe him to be insane, and is locked in a mental institution. There, he learns that the robots are under the control of the Master, and that all of the staff in the prison are his Auton slaves. Frobisher and Peri break into the prison, Frobisher shape shifting into a hospital staff member pretending to be escorting Peri. When they are discovered, the Auton staff attack; Frobisher and Peri run away through the building.

The Doctor breaks out of his cell, and runs into Peri. They're chased into a room by the Autons, but the Doctor is able to stop them by melting the plastic inside them, but the Master escapes again, by tripping up the Doctor. When the Doctor turns around, though, he sees Peri, captured by the cloaked figure.

The Tenth Doctor contacts Frobisher.

However "Peri" is actually Frobisher in disguise. He flashbacks to the beginning of the adventure, in the TARDIS console room. When the Doctor and Peri left the room, the Tenth Doctor appeared to Frobisher through the TARDIS control console. The Doctor told him that he needed his help, and that he would also be helping himself and many other companions. Frobisher impersonated Peri as per the Tenth Doctor's instructions. Now in the same cell system that the cloaked figure had used to capture the Doctor's other companions, Frobisher escapes his cell and begins exploring.


The cloaked figure's fortress[]