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Eye on... Blatchford was a 2005 home video released on the DVD release of City of Death.


Meet Sardoth - the second-to-last of the Jagaroth. Sardoth tries his best to fit into the community of Blatchford and raise money to build a time machine.


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  • Narrator - Stuart Flanagan M.D., D.J.
  • Sardoth - Brooklands Greene
  • Voice of Sardoth - Kevin Stayner
  • Dr Amadeus Gowel - Gabriel Woolf
  • Ice-Cream Children - Beth & Jessica Robert
  • Young Thief - Jake Trussler
  • Tourists - Sal Trussler, Richard Johnston, Kev Hammond, Kent Isotwne, Pen Manuel, Ped Hammond, Colin Fletcher, Vicky Short, Jen Whittingham




  • Sardoth has splinters that had rejected history: from 1881, Sister Mary O'Logan the one-eyed-gun-nun that was an arms supplier to a local orphanage; from 1937, Bernard Shop the layabout and buffoon that sold cheap perfume; from 1772, Sir Nickleby Gooch, the cross-dresser, whose talents were knitting and being great; and Canon Sistabarn, the head of the BBC, whose usefulness was less than zero.
  • Sardoth read the Doctor Who annual 1976.
  • Sardoth owned a copy of The Dr Who Annual 1979 and a DVD of Fury from the Deep.

Story notes[]

  • It's the third and final in the trilogy of "the fake lives of monsters" series.
  • This story is a comedic sequel to City of Death.