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Eye of the TARDIS was an online game published on the BBC's Doctor Who website. The game was animated by Firestep, who previously animated The Infinite Quest.


The Tenth Doctor has become trapped inside the TARDIS - right inside. His consciousness has been accidentally transferred into the TARDIS' memory core.

You will have to guide the Doctor through four sectors of the TARDIS' neutral network - gathering artron energy crystals along the way to reach the data/matter converter and escape.

But beware, the data core carries information about the Doctor's deadliest enemies - and in his computerised form these "avatars" are as deadly as the real thing. Jump on them to delete them from memory.

Collect ten artron energy crystals before proceeding. Judoon troopers will try to stop you by cataloguing you as non-human.

How to play?[]

Eye of the TARDIS

Use the left arrow to move left and the right arrow to move right. Press up or the spacebar to jump. The down arrow controls the sonic screwdriver, which will open logic gates that may block your way.



The video game was published here, but it isn't available any more.