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Exodus was a Sixth Doctor comic published in Doctor Who Magazine. It was, for the most part, set within the TARDIS and was loosely connected to the following strip, Revelation!, and its conclusion, Genesis!


It's time to tidy the TARDIS, but the Sixth Doctor finds he has company.


On the planet Sylvaniar, a group of impoverished large-eyed humanoids with yellowish skin watch as a dilapidated space craft leaves the planet.

In the TARDIS, the Doctor is repairing something while Peri is fishing through a basket of clothes. The Doctor asks Frobisher to retrieve his pneuma-spanner. Frobisher and Peri find the dilapidated spacecraft and its passengers in a dark room. The Doctor demands the refugees leave his box-room, but Peri convinces him to be compassionate and offer them food. One of the refugees tells of crop failures and disappearances on Sylvaniar, and of well-fed scientists in a castle who refused to assist the farmers.

The Doctor realises that the only way the ship could have made its way inside the TARDIS is if it materialised around it, so he dematerialises the TARDIS, freeing the ship of refugees. Then he decides to head to Sylvaniar to investigate the disappearances.



Story notes[]

  • This story is named after the book of Exodus in the Bible.



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