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Exclusive! was the last prose feature in It's Bigger on the Inside!. It was presented as extracts from the Doctor's photo album with handwritten commentary from an unspecified incarnation of the Doctor. Like many other entries in the book, it was parodical in nature, and is not considered valid by this Wiki for that reason.


For the first time, extracts from the Doctor's photo album are presented to the public with comments from the Doctor's own hand. The first picture presented is described by the Doctor as being "from our Seven Doctors Special", where the seven incarnations of the Doctor present had dressed up as a group of Australian Aborigines to "bring confusion to the Cyberranks".

Next are a picture of a cat, labelled as "K9 before his operation", and one of one of the Doctor's nephews "practising to be a Time Lord".

A picture taken from behind by an unseen Doctor depicts a disguised version of the Master trying to use a new ray gun to turn dogs into elephants. Fortunately, the Doctor notes, the ray didn't work.

An image featuring the Doctor and the Master from their "happy days at the Academy" can also be found; the photo includes several dozen children, twelve of which are the Doctor and at least one the Master. Finally, the tour of the Doctor's photographs finished with a picture of the "faulty" sixth regeneration of the Doctor and one of his final incarnation being tended to by his companion-turned-nursemaid, Hazel.


  • The Doctor (including twelve incarnations who attended the Academy, the Doctor's final regeneration, and the usual seven Doctors, albeit with the first six only seen in disguise and the Seventh Doctor being a different individual than the one of mainstream continuity)
  • K9
  • The Doctor's nephew
  • The Master
  • Hazel



  • The picture of the final companion is of Tim Quinn's own mother Hazel Quinn.