Everybody Loves Irving was the sixty-second Bernice Summerfield audio story released by Big Finish Productions. It was the third story of the Legion series.

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Bernice and Braxiatel have never quite seen eye-to-eye...but now he wants to make amends. He's taking her on a leisure drive across Legion's deadly surface to an Ikerian settlement not far from Legion City. Their mission: shopping.

The Ikerians are renowned traders, dealing in everything from the finest art to cut-price battlecruisers. They're willing to do a good deal too. After all, they know Irving Braxiatel of old... and better than this Brax knows himself.

Everywhere they go and everyone they deal with, Braxiatel's reputation precedes him. He has good friends and even better enemies... but one thing's for certain. Everybody loves Irving.

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  • The second series theme is played as incidental music when Benny asks for "funky" music.
  • The title of the story is a reference to the American sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond.

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