Evening's Empire was a Seventh Doctor comic story.

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Arriving in Middlesbrough, the Doctor, Ace aid Colonel Muriel Frost in an investigation into a plane crash during WWII.

Meanwhile, women are being kidnapped, and UNIT is trapped on a strange world of contemporary Earth building, primitive humans bows and arrows and with two suns in the sky.

How are these events connected? The Doctor is about to find out.

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Notes Edit

  • An exact year is never specified in this story. The Doctor references being 50 years after World War II, setting this story around the 1990s. The Doctor previously met Captain Frost (before her promotion) near the end of this decade in the comic story The Mark of Mandragora.
  • Originally intended as a multiple-chapter story for Doctor Who Magazine, only the first chapter was ever published in DWM, in November 1991. The remainder was abandoned due to production issues. In September 1993, the complete strip, colourised and altered, was published as the DWCC Autumn Holiday Special. Although published in magazine format, some sources such as the reference work Howe's Transcendental Toybox treat it as a graphic novel.
  • The original black and white version of Part One is reprinted in DWCC Autumn Holiday Special.
  • Part One as published in DWM was remade into pages 7-13 of the full story. Speech bubbles are redrawn and re-lettered with revisions to the text:
    • The title of the story is removed and the opening narration is changed.
    • "World War Two" is changed to "World War 2."
    • The Doctor's quoting of "A man, a plan, a canal, Panama" is altered. In response, Colonel Frost lists three points instead of two. (Part of an original speech bubble can be seen on the Doctor's hat.)
    • Narration is added to Colonel Frost's dive.
    • The conversation between Ace and Alex largely rewritten.
    • Dialogue between the Doctor and Colonel Frost is added. Frost estimates the dead piot's age as 19 instead of 23.
    • Dialogue from Alex as he locks up the shed is added.
    • Additional narration is added as Ace wake up in the dream world. "Next: Down in the dark" is removed.

Continuity Edit

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