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Eve's species were humanoids who had certain elemental powers, including psychic abilities and time alteration. They were almost destroyed during the Last Great Time War. The only known survivor of this war was Eve. (TV: Sarah Jane's Alien Files episode 2)

Physical appearance Edit

Eve's species had red skin, eyes and hair. Furthermore, they had extended ears. (TV: Sarah Jane's Alien Files episode 2)

Abilities Edit

Eve's race could read timelines and control objects from a distance. They also had the ability to possess and control humans. Furthermore, they had telepathic powers and could read minds. (TV: Sarah Jane's Alien Files episode 2) A juvenile of the species could be strong enough to manipulate objects for a short while but would eventually be exhausted by the effort. Their powers were at least partially linked to their technology, as demonstrated by Eve's Ship absorbing excess energy from her after she tried to control too many people and machines. (TV: The Mad Woman in the Attic) Even though Eve's species could see the past and the future they were not always able to change it. Eve's parents knew what was going to happen to Eve and that she was going to be an orphan. However they were not able to change this. They could only save her from extermination. (WC: Eve)

History Edit

They were a peace loving race who found themselves caught up in a middle of the Last Great Time War. (WC: Eve) Their ability to read the timelines had made them a target for elimination. It was not stated which side attempted the genocide, though it is presumed to be the Daleks, as Eve said they were exterminated. Eve was smuggled onto a ship by her parents, who sent her to Earth as an evacuee. Eve spent several years on Earth until she continued to travel with Harry Sowersby and Samuel Lloyd. Eve and Samuel later had one son together, Adam. Adam appeared human, however he had Eve's red eyes and some of her abilities. For example, he was able to change timelines. When Ship had changed Rani Chandra's timeline he was able to set things right. (TV: The Mad Woman in the Attic)

Eve was one of the aliens who were caught by the Krulius. She was released by Clyde and Rani. (GAME: Monster Hunt) However the Krulius had managed to take clone cell samples of his former captured aliens with him, which allowed him to grow copies of these aliens, which were all completely in his power. (COMIC: Return of the Krulius)

Other matters Edit

Even though Mr Smith had a big database of all sorts of aliens, the name of Eve's species was unknown to him. (TV: Sarah Jane's Alien Files episode 2)

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