Euros Lyn directed several Doctor Who episodes and the entire third series of Torchwood. Notably, he directed two episodes in Christopher Eccleston's era and many in David Tennant's, as well as Matt Smith's first scene in the closing minutes of the 2009 Christmas special, The End of Time.

Although all his Doctor Who and Torchwood episodes were executive produced by Russell T Davies, Lyn has worked with every showrunner of the BBC Wales series: he directed several episodes of Sherlock, a show written entirely by Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, and Steve Thompson; and he directed episodes of Broadchurch, a show written by future showrunner Chris Chibnall. His other notable directing credits include episodes of Casualty, Black Mirror, Daredevil and His Dark Materials.

In 2009, he attended the San Diego Comic Con with Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner and David Tennant to promote the three Doctor Who specials that were filmed that year. He presented a preview of The End of Time Part One.

His DWU directing credits include:

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