Euphemia was the first empress of Hyspero. She was placed in the Objet D'Oom during her reign. She was stolen from the cellar of the palace on Hyspero. When Jenny Winterleaf was in possession of the Jar, Euphemia contacted her and told her that she didn't want taking back to Hyspero. She was able to disarm the bomb which placed in Barbra. (PROSE: Enter Wildthyme) She lived in the jar for 1000 years. When Iris Wildthyme got lost in the desert, Euphemia told her that this was because that Hyspero changes so often. She got annoyed that Jenny and Simon allowed the party to captured by the Scarlet Empress's Vizier. During her reign she opened the Ringpull and the Scarlet Empress wanted this knowledge to open it up again. Anthony Marvelle dropped the Jar which killed her and would destroy the royal line. (PROSE: Wildthyme Beyond!)

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