Eugene Jones was a Welsh alien-life enthusiast. He was the son of Shaun and Bronwen Jones and the elder brother of Terry Jones.


Early life[]

Eugene was born to Shaun and Bronwen Jones circa 1978.

As a child, Eugene excelled at mathematics and was on the school maths team. In 1992, after having his mind blank on an inter-school maths competition and thus losing the competition for his school, he was shunned by his classmates. His teacher gave him a Dogon sixth eye. Upon returning home, Shaun had a row with Bronwen. That night, his father left and never returned. Eugene decided everything was all right so long as he had the eye. He theorised that the alien would have to return for the eye and so he waited. (TV: Random Shoes)

Later life[]

Eugene became interested in UFOs. He tried to show his findings to Torchwood, in particular Gwen Cooper, but he was dismissed. Eugene worked at Passmore Telesales with his friend Gary. He regularly visited a café for his lunch and frequently rented DVDs from a store where his friend Josh worked.

Eugene believed that his dad had gone to America after his failure as a child. However, when he was 28, he found out his dad was living a short way away in a garage. Unable to comprehend his father's failure, Eugene decided to sell the eye. Gary began boosting the bid and it sold for £15,005.50 in total. Eugene went to the Happy Cook café to make the transfer.

Eugene discovered that Gary and Josh were the buyers. They tried to take the eye from him and after a brief physical altercation, he swallowed it. Running from them, he was hit by a car and killed. The eye shifted his consciousness from his body and he existed halfway between life and death. (TV: Random Shoes)


Eugene passes over. (TV: Random Shoes)

He followed the Torchwood team from the scene of his death and accompanied Gwen in her investigation of his death. He had no memory of the days before his death but they gradually returned. Gwen had the eye removed from his corpse but still he remained halfway between life and death. After the funeral he witnessed his father return to his family. Gwen was also watching as a car sped towards her. Eugene pushed her out of the way, saving her life.

Suddenly he was visible to Gwen, Torchwood and the funeral-goers, much to everyone's shock and amazement. Gwen thanked him with a kiss and he retrieved the eye she had dropped. With that, he passed over into the afterlife, despite Gwen's pleas for him to stay. (TV: Random Shoes)