Estellebalhoonarkedo, more commonly known as Lady Estelle was a Prydonian Time Lady who resided on Gallifrey and hosted various shows on its television channels. She had an interest in the Renegade Time Lord known as the Doctor and in their adventures, though she did not know them personally.

Biography Edit

Education Edit

In her youth, Estelle took a course in Earthonomics where she notably learned what LEGO sets were. She was also taught something about police boxes, but it was inaccurate, as she was under the impression that they were called "policemen" and that their purpose was to be dropped onto criminals from a great height as a form of punishment. (NOTVALID: What's inside the Doctor Who LEGO set?)

Selling the TARDIS Edit

Working for Prydonian Hemson Real Estate, Lady Estelle attempted to sell Charlie a new home that was in actuality the Doctor's TARDIS. After she was done delivering her advertising spiel within the console room, Charlie seemed almost sold but had to ask what the round things were, stumping her. Christel Dee suddenly entered the console room and said that she had some ideas, prompting Charlie to stay for the rest of the present episode of The Fan Show. (NOTVALID: Charlieissocoollike In The TARDIS)

TV show host Edit

At one point in her career, Estelle was the host of the "Earth Hour" on the Gallifrey Shopping Network. As such, she would examine objects from Sol 3 in Mutter's Spiral, offering them to purchase by curious Gallifreyans. On one occasion, the object was a LEGO set celebrating the adventures of the eleventh and twelfth incarnations of the Doctor. During this broadcast, she had to explain at length to her audience that the human toymakers couldn't be blamed excessively for the presence of a Dalek toy, as, not knowing "what we had to go through", they had no way of expecting how much distress the sight of the toy might cause on Gallifreyan television. (NOTVALID: What's inside the Doctor Who LEGO set?)

Estelle later became the host of Time Tasties on the Gallifrey Cooking Channel, where an episode once more gave her cause to talk about the Doctor as she instructed her viewers on how to create cookies and pastries shaped like the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors. (NOTVALID: How To Make Doctor Who Cookies)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Lady Estelle was transparently an in-universe counterpart of The Fan Show host Christel Dee, who also appeared as herself in several narrative skits (on one occasion even coming across Estelle) and provided the model for Christel Dean in the comics.
  • As the first webcast's ending bleeds into a fourth-wall break and the other two are advertisements, none of Lady Estelle's appearances are considered valid sources on this Wiki.
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