Escape to Penhexico was one of a series of online comic strips posted to the BBC's Doctor Who website. The comic strips were created using an online tool called Comic Maker. The art consisted of images based upon the 2005-present Doctor Who revival. The BBC asked several professional writers to submit stories. This was the first Doctor Who-related publication for Brian Minchin, who would go on to write a Doctor Who novel and several Torchwood comic strips and an audio drama before being named an executive producer on Doctor Who itself in 2013.

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Two months after the destruction of the Titanic, two of Max Capricorn's henchmen abduct Jack Harkness in the mistaken belief that he is Capricorn. The Doctor reunites with Martha Jones to retrieve him from Penhaxico 2. This turns out to be easier said than done because the sunlight on Penhaxico 2 shrinks humans to a tenth of their size.

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  • When the Doctor drops Jack, they mention having just encountered the Cybersquid.
  • Capricorn's men think Jack is Capricorn because they detect traces of bekaren energy on him.

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  • The story takes place two months after the events of TV: Voyage of the Damned.
  • The story establishes that Max Capricorn had stationed two henchmen on Earth to help him escape following the destruction of the Titanic. Not realising their boss is dead, the henchmen mistake Captain Jack for the tycoon.
  • The convenient presence of Martha Jones suggests the story may take place when she worked with Torchwood 3. According evidence in the timeline, Martha's adventures with Torchwood take place during the first couple of months of 2009, after the events of Voyage of the Damned and therefore within the time frame suggested by this story.

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