Escape the Silence was an online game published on the BBC's Doctor Who: Monster Invasion website.


The Eleventh Doctor has to help several humans escaping from the Silence by beaming the humans and Oods up to the TARDIS.

How to play?[]

Escape the Silence 1.jpg

The TARDIS has to be controled by using the arrow keys to go left or right. If you press the space bar the humans will be beamed up. The beams have to be timed to successfully rescue people. If you rescue an Ood you will get bonus points. Oods only appear in the game when a special code from the Doctor Who: Monster Invasion magazine is added. The Silence is recognisable through their electrically charged hands. If you beam up the Silence they will explode and you will loose points.

There are 10 levels taking place in a park, a village, a town and a city.

Within each level you have to save more humans/Oods to reach the next level and more and more members from the Silence appear.



  • L E A D W O R T H: entered at the beginning unlocks an Ood
  • S L I T H E E N: Unlocks an Ood on Level 4
  • C Y B E R K I N G: adds Oods to Level 6
  • C Y B E R M A T: adds an Ood to Level 8/ saves the Ood from the Silence
  • M E L O D Y P O N D: saves the Ood from the Silence in level nine
  • M E S S A L I N E: unlocks Ood in level 10 and gives extra points for rescueing them.

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