Erwin Rommel was a Nazi field marshall during the North Africa campaign in the Sahara Desert in 1941. He was known for his gifting the enemy medical supplies and his "soft" treatment of his prisoners. In 1941, Rommel heard the Tuareg had made new friends with extraterrestrial lifeforms. After telling the Twelfth Doctor about these "friends from the sky", the Doctor insisted that they go on a mission to see the Tuareg. The tribesmen began firing at Rommel's men with Sontaran blasters, but the Doctor disarmed one of them with his sonic screwdriver and asked the Tuareg to escort him and Rommel to the camp. The chieftain Bhaki introduced the Doctor and Rommel to the tribe's allies, the Sontarans. After witnessing the Warsong activating, the Doctor and Rommel snuck into the Warsong and broke through its defences. The Doctor stopped the Rutan spy Heinz Bruckner from conducting the milennia-old preset programming of the Warsong by using a Sontaran osmic projector to send Bruckner's trigger mechanism through time. Rommel threw Bruckner into the Warsong, killing him, while the Doctor destroyed the "orchestra" of the Warsong by using his sonic screwdriver to blow it up.

Rommel was opposed to the "insanity" of the Führer, Adolf Hitler. He became involved in the Valkyrie but failed to "remove" Hitler. He was given the choice to either commit suicide and keep his honour intact or let his family die. He took his own life. The Nazis made up a story about him dying from being wounded, and Rommel was given a state funeral. (COMIC: The Instruments of War)

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