Eros (god)

Eros was an anthropomorphic deity known on Earth. He was the god of love and fertility in a pantheon including Poseidon and Hephaestus. (TV: Planet of Fire) Eros lived in the dimension known as Greek Space. Sometimes his father was Ares, the god of war, and other times his mother was Iris, the goddess of the rainbow; the gods' relationships changed over time, and Eros was never the son of both Ares and Iris simultaneously. (PROSE: Wandering Stars)

An apparition of Eros was summoned over the Great Wheel in Puterspace by Máire and Christopher to predict the Travellers' futures. This apparition had a golden waistcoat and centre-parted fair hair. He said that Jan would fall in love again and that "things will get stirred up and shattered. Listen, if I tell you more, you'd avoid it, and you really don't want to. That's the nice thing about me, I'm always tight!" (PROSE: Prelude Love and War, AUDIO: Love and War)

Peri Brown compared a statue of his to Elton John. (TV: Planet of Fire)

A statue of Eros was in Piccadilly Circus. (PROSE: Davarrk's Experiments) On a visit to 1967, Sam Jones admired the statue. (PROSE: Revolution Man)

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