Doctor Who Timebenders Nazi Close

SS Captain Spiegal. (COMIC: Timebenders)

Captain Ernst Wolfgang Spiegal was a German SS officer stationed in Vichy France during World War II. He and his men forced Professor Pierre Vedrun to develop a matter transporter for their war effort. In January 1942, Vedrun inadvertently invented a prototype that transported people through time as well as space. Spiegal, his men and Monique Vedrun arrived in 1970s Dartmoor. They encountered the Third Doctor. When Spiegal discovered he had travelled in time, he planned to use the device to acquire advanced weaponry to ensure a Nazi victory. When Vedrun and the Doctor were freed by Marcel Sangenez's resistance group, Spiegal threatened to have children destroyed if they did not return. They returned before the deadline, having modified the device in the interim. When Spiegal and his men used it, they were transported not into the future, but inside of a jail cell in a Dover police station. (COMIC: Timebenders)

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