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Captain Erisa Magambo was a UNIT officer active during the early 21st century.


In April 2009, DI McMillan of the Metropolitan Police discovered strange occurrences along a London bus route; the 200 had supposedly vanished into thin air while crossing the Gladwell Road Tunnel. After a charred human skeleton emerged from the tunnel, McMillan realised this case was beyond his jurisdiction, and alerted UNIT; Captain Magambo and her UNIT command promptly arrived to investigate.

Magambo and UNIT scientist Malcolm Taylor soon learned a wormhole to the planet San Helios had opened within the tunnel, transporting the 200 in the process. The Tenth Doctor, who had been separately investigating the wormhole, used a cellphone to call Magambo from the other side. After learning she was speaking with the Doctor, she added it was a 'honour' to speak with him, while making a salute; a slightly exasperated Doctor asked if she had just saluted, and Magambo awkwardly pretended she hadn’t.

The Doctor warned of an alien swarm intent on coming to Earth via the wormhole. A shaken Magambo ordered Malcolm to somehow close the wormhole, even if it meant trapping the Doctor and the bus passengers on the other side. When Malcolm refused, she drew a gun on him and ordered him to; when he still refused, she showed surprise at his determination and seemed reluctant to follow through.

At that moment, a UNIT soldier called out that the bus had returned, except this time it was flying. Magambo rushed outside to see this for herself and was just in time to witness three of the Swarm coming through as well. Calling a Code Red, Magambo and her men opened fire on the creatures while Malcolm managed to close the wormhole after a brief technical malfunction. The Swarm were able to resist the initial gunfire, but were no match for the more powerful anti-air batteries and, with some help from the Doctor, were eventually killed. She thanked the Doctor via a salute and gave him his TARDIS, which UNIT had found in Buckingham Palace's garden. She and her men bore witness to the escape of Lady Christina de Souza first from police custody (though she and her men made no effort to stop her) and then in the flying bus, much to their astonishment and amusement. (TV: Planet of the Dead) She then contacted Alan Mace to inform him of the preceding events. (PROSE: Judge, Jury and Executioner)

Later that same year, she asked the recently-married Martha Smith-Jones to have the Doctor investigate mysterious trees in Greenwich Park. Despite having been the one to get him on the job, she refused to heed the Doctor, and followed the deranged Advocate's advice instead, who tried to blow up London. Fortunately, the Doctor foiled her mad plan. He called Magambo and UNIT "typical military". She angrily told him that if that's how he felt, to leave Earth, and never come back until he changed his face again, because his current one had worn out its welcome. The Doctor and Martha furiously turned their backs on her after these events. (COMIC: Don't Step on the Grass)

In November 2009, Magambo arranged for Jack Harkness to discover the cause of the time fissure occurring in Cardiff. (PROSE: The Undertaker's Gift)

In 2013, Magambo was in charge of the clean-up operation after the Nestene invasion of Hyperville. (PROSE: Autonomy)

Undated events[]

A photograph of Magambo with Rose Tyler was on a bulletin board in the Black Archive. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

Behind the scenes[]

Magambo first appears on-screen in the form of her alternate counterpart, in Turn Left.