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Erimem was a series of stories published by Thebes Publishing. They starred the character Erimem, who was previously a recurring companion of the Fifth Doctor in stories released by Big Finish Productions. Iain McLaughlin, the creator and copyright holder of Erimem, was the series editor.

The series had Erimem living in modern day London with a group of close friends, sometimes travelling to other times and places using a time machine called the Habitat.

Erimem was largely divorced from Erimem's period in Doctor Who, with Erimem forgetting all of her life from around the beginning of The Eye of the Scorpion to the moment just before she appears in the first Erimem novel, The Last Pharaoh. As of January 2021, The Eye of the Scorpion is the only Doctor Who story from which Erimem has derived elements; however, elements from non-Doctor Who stories The Coming of the Queen and Return of the Queen have been included (such as Carra Wilton, Kerides, and Adrea).

Compiled releases[edit | edit source]

Compilation Title Type Writer(s) Release date
2015 (released 29 September 2017) The Last Pharaoh Novel Iain McLaughlin, Claire Bartlett 9 June 2015
The Beast of Stalingrad Novella Iain McLaughlin 1 September 2015
The One Place Short story Claire Bartlett
Angel of Mercy Novella Claire Bartlett, Iain McLaughlin, Julianne Todd 15 November 2015
In Search of Doctor X Short story Beth Jones 10 December 2015
2016 (released 17 December 2018) Into the Unknown Anthology Iain McLaughlin, Beth Jones, Claire Bartlett, Julianne Todd, Chloe McLaughlin, Kaitlin Moore, Rachel Blake, Jim Mortimore, Ian Farrington, James Maddox 18 January 2016
Prime Imperative Novella Julianne Todd 14 March 2016
Home Short story Iain McLaughlin
Life on Mars on Mars 15 March 2016
Buccaneer Novella 20 August 2016
Arrrr... Short story Claire Bartlett
Moments of Passing Jim Mortimore 12 December 2016
All I Want for Christmas Anthology Beth Jones, Iain McLaughlin, Claire Bartlett, Daniel McGachey 14 December 2016

Uncompiled releases[edit | edit source]

Title Type Writer(s) Release date
Churchill's Castle Novella Beth Jones 8 February 2017
The Three Faces of Helena prelude Short story Iain McLaughlin
The Three Faces of Helena Novel 26 August 2017
Message in the Cards Short story Louise Blaine 18 December 2017
Auld Acquaintance Iain McLaughlin 29 December 2017
Return of the Queen Novelisation Claire Bartlett 4 January 2018
Out Among the Stars Short story
The Egyptian Falcon Novella Iain McLaughlin 13 October 2018
The Death of Empire Beth Jones 16 December 2018
That's What Friends Do Short story Rachel Blake
The Way of the Bry'Hunee Novella Tim Gambrell 30 December 2019
Death on the Waves Iain McLaughlin
Absolution Rachel Blake 29 March 2020
The Jewels of Cleopatra Iain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett 22 December 2020

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