Exclusive First Look Writing for Doctor Who - Doctor Who Vengeance on Varos - BBC

Exclusive First Look Writing for Doctor Who - Doctor Who Vengeance on Varos - BBC

Eric Saward discusses writing for Doctor Who.

Eric Saward worked as a writer and later script editor for Doctor Who during the 1980s.

Saward had a particular fondness for the Cybermen. He wrote stories with action throughout them and stories that connected the Doctor to important events in Earth's history.

The stories Saward wrote are:

He also wrote the short story Birth of a Renegade and the radio play Slipback.

He served as script editor from Time-Flight, the last episode of season 19, to the penultimate episode of season 23 (The Ultimate Foe episode 1). He resigned his position due to a disagreement with producer John Nathan-Turner over the storyline (and particularly the ending) of episode 2 of The Ultimate Foe. Afterwards, he gave a notably scathing interview to Starburst magazine over his falling out with Nathan-Turner, and he became vocal in his criticism of Colin Baker's appointment as the Sixth Doctor.

Saward also wrote several Target novelisations and a BBC Books novelisation, based upon stories he wrote or script edited. During the original 1973-1994 run of the Target novelisations, Target Books failed to secure an agreement that would have seen Saward's two Dalek serials novelised. Resurrection of the Daleks was later written by Saward as a BBC Books hardback release. His novelisations were:

He contributed to the Davros Connections and The Lost Season documentaries.

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