Eric Anthony Roberts (born 18 April 1956[1][2]) played the Master and Bruce in the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie. More than twenty years later in 2019, Roberts reprised the role for the audio stories, The Lifeboat and the Deathboat and Day of the Master for Big Finish Productions.

His other starring roles include: Star 80 (1983), The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984), Best of the Best (1989) and Maul Dogs (2014). During the 2006-2007 TV season, he played the recurring villain Thompson in the NBC TV series Heroes, sharing several scenes with fellow Doctor Who alumnus Christopher Eccleston and later reprising his role in a 2008 flashback episode. He also played Sal Maroni in The Dark Knight (2008).

In 2007, he participated in Doctor Who Confidential, where he was interviewed about the Master. As of January 2019, he is the only American-born actor to feature in the pre-title sequence of a Doctor Who TV story.

He is married to Eliza Roberts, who played Bruce's wife Miranda in the TV movie. He is the father of popular actress Emma Roberts and the older brother of actress Julia Roberts. He is also one of the few Oscar-nominated actors to appear in Doctor Who, a status he shares with John Hurt, Sophie Okonedo, Carey Mulligan, Frank Finlay, Pauline Collins and Oscar-winner Peter Capaldi. Roberts was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the 1985 film Runaway Train.

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