Doctor Who DVD Files was a fortnightly partwork publication from GE Fabbri Ltd - The Ultimate Build-up Doctor Who Encyclopaedia

One of its regular features is Episode Guide, a series looking at each episode on the DVDs.

Magazine pages[]

Specials and classic stories[]

DOC 1.1 - An Unearthly Child

Journey back to the very first adventure...

DOC 1.2 - The Daleks

The Doctor meets his deadliest enemies for the first time.

DOC 1.10 - The Dalek Invasion of Earth

The England of the 22nd century belongs to the Daleks ...

DOC 1.17 - The Time Meddler

The First Doctor meets a fellow time traveller.

DOC 1.27 - The War Machines

The Doctor battles an insane super-computer

DOC 1.16 - The Chase

The Daleks send an execution squad after the First Doctor.

DOC 2.8 - The Tomb of the Cybermen

The Second Doctor encounters the silver giants of Telos ...

DOC 2.16 - The Mind Robber

The Second Doctor and his friends are trapped in the Land of Fiction.

DOC 2.17 - The Invasion (Episodes 1-4)

The Second Doctor takes on the Cybermen.

DOC 2.17 - The Invasion (Episodes 5-8)

The Cybermen are on the march in part two of this adventure.

DOC 2.19 The Seeds of Death

The Ice Warriors return to menace the Second Doctor.

DOC 2.21 - The War Games

The Doctor discovers an alien plot to build the ultimate army.

DOC 2.21 - The War Games

Part two of the Second Doctor's final adventure.

DOC 3.1 - Spearhead from Space

The newly regenerated Third Doctor must battle Autons

DOC 3.2 - Doctor Who and the Silurians

The Doctor meets the original rulers of Earth for the first time.

DOC 3.3 - The Ambassadors of Death

The Doctor must unravel a conspiracy to kidnap aliens.

DOC 3.4 - Inferno

The Third Doctor faces death in a parallel universe ...

DOC 3.6 - The Mind of Evil

The Doctor discovers the Master has returned.

DOC 3.7 - The Claws of Axos

The Third Doctor and UNIT must beware aliens bearing gifts ...

DOC 3.8 - Colony in Space

The Third Doctor takes Jo Grant on her first TARDIS trip.

DOC 3.9 - The Daemons

The Master attempts to raise the Devil ...

DOC 3.10 - Day of the Daleks

The Doctor's deadliest enemies control 22nd-Earth!

DOC 3.11 - The Curse of Peladon

The Third Doctor finds himself in the middle of a diplomatic crisis.

DOC 3.12 - The Sea Devils

The Master teams up with some ancient Earthlings.

DOC 3.14 The Time Monster

The Third Doctor must defeat the Master in Atlantis

DOC 3.15 - The Three Doctors

Find out what happens when you break the First Law of Time!

DOC 3.16 - Carnival of Monsters

The Third Doctor and Jo find themselves in a mad, miniature adventure!

DOC 3.17 Frontier in Space

The Doctor faces the Master and the Ogrons!

DOC 3.18 - Planet of the Daleks

The Doctor and Jo are trapped in an alien Jungle ...

DOC 3.19 - The Green Death

While investigating an eco disaster the Doctor's companion finds love!

DOC 3.20 - The Time Warrior

The Doctor makes a new friend and meets a new enemy ...

DOC 3.21 - Invasion of the Dinosaurs

Prehistoric monsters invade 1970s London!

DOC 3.22 - Death to the Daleks

Can the Third Doctor survive the City of the Exxillons

DOC 3.23 - The Monster of Peladon

The Doctor and Sarah Jane uncover treachery on Peladon ...

DOC 3.24 - Planet of the Spiders

The Third Doctor makes his last stand.

DOC 4.1 - Robot

A newly regenerated Doctor must face a giant robot!

DOC 4.2 - The Ark in Space

The future of the human race is threatened by the Wirrn.

DOC 4.4 - Genesis of the Daleks

The Fourth Doctor is on a mission for the Time Lords...

DOC 4.5 - Revenge of the Cybermen

The Fourth Doctor faces an old foe.

DOC 4.6 - Terror of the Zygons

The TARDIS lands in the Highlands of Scotland.

DOC 4.7 - Planet of Evil

The Doctor and Sarah battle anti-matter on Zeta Minor.

DOC 4.8 - Pyramids of Mars

The Fourth Doctor faces a being that wants to destroy all life!

DOC 4.9 - The Android Invasion

The Doctor and Sarah Jane battle the Kraals...

DOC 4.10 - The Brain of Morbius

The Fourth Doctor takes on a mad Time Lord monster

DOC 4.11 The Seeds of Doom

The Doctor must defeat the Krynoid plants.

DOC 4.12 - The Masque of Mandragora

The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith take a trip to 15th century Italy

DOC 4.13 - The Hand of Fear

Sarah Jane's travels with the Fourth Doctor come to an end ...

DOC 4.14 - The Deadly Assassin

The Doctor is accused of murder on his home planet!

DOC 4.15 - The Face of Evil

The Doctor's past catches up with him ...

DOC 4.16 - The Robots of Death

The Fourth Doctor is accused of murder!

DOC 4.17 - The Talons of Weng-Chiang

The Fourth Doctor and Leela unravel a Victorian mystery ...

DOC 4.18 - Horror of Fang Rock

Who will survive the alien in the lighthouse?

DOC 4.19 - The Invisible Enemy

The Fourth Doctor embarks on a fantastic voyage.

DOC 4.20 - Image of the Fendahl

A mysterious ancient skull leads to danger!

DOC 4.23 - The Invasion of Time

The Doctor must defend Gallifrey from alien invaders.

DOC 4.24 - The Ribos Operation

The Doctor takes on a very special mission ...

DOC 4.25 - The Pirate Planet

The Doctor searches for the second segment of the Key to Time.

DOC 4.26 - The Stones of Blood

The Doctor and Romana hunt down the third segment of the Key to Time

DOC 4.27 - The Androids of Tara

It's a case of mistaken robotic identity for Romana in this adventure

DOC 4.29 - The Armageddon Factor The quest for the Key to Time ends on the planet Atrios. DOC 4.30 - Destiny of the Daleks

The Doctor thought he'd seen the last of Davros, but he was wrong!

DOC 4.31 - City of Death

The Fourth Doctor and Romana enjoy a Parisian caper!

DOC 4.32 - The Creature from the Pit

The Fourth Doctor and Romana answer a distress call.

DOC 4.33 - Nightmare of Eden

The Fourth Doctor is involved in a space crash.

DOC 4.34 - The Horns of Nimon

The Doctor gets lost in the Power Complex

DOC 4.36 - The Leisure Hive

The Fourth Doctor's old age catches up with him ...

DOC 4.37 - Meglos

The Doctor faces a macabre alien double.

Doc 4.38 - Full Circle

The Fourth Doctor meets Adric on the planet Alzarius.

Doc 4.39 - State of Decay

The Fourth Doctor takes on a trio of vampire lords.

Doc 4.40 - Warriors' Gate

The Fourth Doctor's final E-Space adventure ...

DOC 4.40 - The Keeper of Traken

The Fourth Doctor encounters an old foe on a famously peaceful planet.

DOC 4.41 - Logopolis

The Master's machinations could mean the end of everything!

DOC 5.1 - Castrovalva

Can such a tranquil place as Castrovalva really be a deadly trap?

DOC 5.2 - Four to Doomsday

The Fifth Doctor faces Monarch and his army of invaders.

DOC 5.3 - Kinda

Are there serpents in the paradise of Deva Loka?

DOC 5.4 - The Visitation

The Fifth Doctor faces alien convicts in Old London Town

DOC 5.5 - Black Orchid

The Fifth Doctor gets caught up in a 1920s murder mystery.

DOC 5.6 - Earthshock

The Doctor faces Cybermen and the death of a companion!

DOC 5.7 - “Time-Flight “ The Fifth Doctor takes flight on a supersonic jet. DOC 5.8 - Arc of Infinity

The Doctor faces an old enemy on Gallifrey.

DOC 5.9 - Snakedance

The Fifth Doctor must face the return of the Mara ...

DOC 5.10 - Mawdryn Undead

Can you make sense of this timey-wimey adventure?

DOC 5.11 - Terminus

The Doctor and Nyssa at the centre of the universe.

DOC 5.12 - Enlightenment

The Doctor and his companions get involved in a race through space.

The Five Doctors

Can the first five Doctors solve the mystery of the Dark Tower?

DOC 5.15 - Warriors of the Deep

Silurians and Sea Devils unite to take on the Fifth Doctor.

DOC 5.15A - The Awakening

The Doctor faces a demon in an English church.

DOC 5.17 - Resurrection of the Daleks

Can the Fifth Doctor prevent the re-awakening of the Davros?

DOC 5.18 - Planet of Fire

The Doctor faces the Master on the planet Sarn.

DOC 5.19 - The Caves of Androzani

Prepare for a white-knuckle ride as the Fifth Doctor faces death!

DOC 6.2 - Attack of the Cybermen

The Doctor and Peri battle the silver giants on Telos.

DOC 6.3 - Vengeance on Varos

The Doctor and Peri enter a world of television horror!

DOC 6.4 - The Mark of the Rani

The Doctor and Peri face not one but two renegade Time Lords!

DOC 6.5 - The Two Doctors

Two versions of the same Time Lord join forces to defeat the Sontarans.

DOC 6.6 Timelash

The Doctor returns to the planet Karfel

DOC 6.7 - Revelation of the Daleks

Davros returns with his grisliest scheme yet!

DOC 6.8 - The Mysterious Planet

The Sixth Doctor is put on trial by the Time Lords

DOC 6.9 - Mindwarp

The Sixth Doctor takes Peri to the planet Thoros Beta.

DOC 6.10 - Terror of the Vervoids

The Sixth Doctor presents the case for his defence.

DOC 6.11 - The Ultimate Foe

The Sixth Doctor's trial ends in chaos and revelations.

DOC 7.1 - Time and the Rani

The Seventh Doctor makes a spectacular entrance.

DOC 7.2 - Paradise Towers

The Seventh Doctor and Mel visit a dystopian future ...

DOC 7.3 - Delta and the Bannermen

Can the Doctor save the Chimeron Queen at a Welsh holiday camp?

DOC 7.5 - Remembrance of the Daleks

The Seventh Doctor takes on two armies of Daleks at once

DOC 7.6 - The Happiness Patrol

The Doctor battles the smiling villain Helen A.

DOC 7.7 - Silver Nemesis

The Doctor battles Cybermen, sorcery and Nazis in 1988 ...

DOC 7.8 - The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

What is the deadly secret of the Circus?

DOC 7.9 - Battlefield

The Seventh Doctor and Ace face a foe from legend.

DOC 7.10 - Ghost Light

The Seventh Doctor and Ace explore a haunted house ...

DOC 7.11 - The Curse of Fenric

The Seventh Doctor faces an evil from the dawn of time ...

DOC 7.12 - Survival

The Seventh Doctor and the Master fight like animals ...

Doctor Who

The Eighth Doctor


Rose Tyler's life is changed forever when she meets the Ninth Doctor.
The Doctor takes Rose to the day the Earth dies.
The Doctor and Rose meet Charles Dickens and some very nasty ghosts!
Rose returns home - just in time to see a spaceship crash into Big Ben!
The Doctor and Rose race to save Earth from the stinky Slitheen!
Share the horror of the Ninth Doctor meeting his most-feared enemy.
The Doctor and Rose get bad news when they visit Satellite Five.
Rose must face the Reapers when she meddles with time.
A strange plague is spreading through the touch of a little boy...
Can the Doctor find the Empty Child's mummy before it's too late?
A pit-stop to refuel the TARDIS leads to dinner with a monster!
The Doctor returns to Satellite Five to find things have changes...
The Doctor has a choice: let the Daleks win or destroy humanity!
Can the new Doctor save everyone from the alien Sycorax?
Rose and the new Doctor find an old enemy in New New York.
Can the Tenth Doctor and Rose save Queen Victoria from a Werewolf?
The Doctor meets two old friends while going undercover.
What are 51st century robots doing in pre-revolutionary France?
The TARDIS crash lands in the London of a parallel world
John Lumic's Cybermen are on the march to victory!
Londoners in 1953 are losing their faces, but can the Doctor help?
The Doctor and Rose meet the Ood on the edge of a black hole!
Can the Doctor escape the immense power of the Beast?
Will the treacherous Victor Kennedy track down the Doctor?
What connects missing people with a young girl's drawings?
Are the ghosts really as harmless as they seem?
It's time to solve the Cyberman and Dalek problem!
Can Donna, in a dress with no pockets, help the Tenth Doctor save the day?
Martha Jones is having the strangest day of her life ...
There's deadly witchcraft afoot in Elizabethan London ...
A vast motorway plus massive crabs equals trouble for the Doctor!
Martha never expected to find Daleks on her first visit to New York!
Can a pig and a showgirl help the Doctor defeat his old enemies?
The Doctor faces a 'mad' scientist who wants to turn back time!
  • EP 3.7 - 42
It's a race against time to save a spaceship from a vengeful sun!
The Doctor and Martha hide their identities to escape an alien family
Will the alien family track down the Doctor?
How can the Doctor save the day while stuck in the past?
The meaning behind the Face of Boe's dying words become clear ...
The Master takes over the country, and then the world!
Will the Doctor overcome his physical age to defeat the Master?
The Doctor sails into danger in this disaster-filled tale ...
The Doctor bumps into an old friend at Adipose Industries
Can Donna convince the Doctor to save the people of Pompeii?
Can the Doctor and Donna work out why the Ood are enslaved?
The Doctor and Donna team up with Martha to face an old foe.
The air is full of toxic gas and the Earth is suffocating...
The TARDIS takes the Doctor to Messaline for one very good reason...
Take a trip back in time to a garden party with Agatha Christie!
Can the Doctor stop the advancing flesh-eating shadows?
Will the Doctor Work out why he'll give River his sonic screwdriver?
Who will save the day if the Doctor is helpless?
Donna discovers what life would be like if she had never met the Doctor...
Someone is rearranging the universe, but who could it be?
Can the Doctor overcome Davros once again?
Christmas terror is shaped like a Cyberman!
The Doctor hops on a London bus. Destination: danger!
The Doctor stumbles on a fixed point in time, but can he walk away?
The Master's back, but that's the least of the Doctor's worries!
Someone comes knocking for the Tenth Doctor ...
The Doctor must save the world while he is regenerating.
Will the Doctor's new friend Amy survive her trip to Starship UK?
The Daleks are back – bigger and bolder than ever before!
The Eleventh Doctor answers a cry for help from River Song.
Can the Doctor, Amy and River escape the Weeping Angels?
Is Rosanna Calvierri's Venetian academy really a school of fish?
An ancient underground foe awaits the Doctor in Wales ...
The Doctor faces an enemy that is just as clever as he is ...
The Doctor and his human friends take on the Silurians ...
The Doctor meets a great artist and a terrifying monster.
The Doctor embarks on his greatest adventure: normal life!
A trap awaits the Doctor beneath Stonehenge ...
The Doctor meets a great artist and a terrifying monster.
(This appears to be a tease for Vincent and the Doctor)
The Doctor must use all his wits to outsmart Kazran Sardick ...

Where to file them[]

In Issue 2 and Issue 3 subscribers receive a binder and seven coloured divider cards. The Episode Guide pages are filed behind the red divider.

The first number is the series number and the second number is the episode number.

When you reach EP 1.13, Series One ends. The next card will be Ep 2.X - the first Christmas Special - followed by the rest of Series Two.