Epiphany was a feast day. In 1400, Ian, Barbara and Vicki attended an Epiphany feast at Sonning Palace. The deposed queen, Isabella, and Sir Robert de Wensley were also present.

After wondering over his absence, the First Doctor entered, dressed in garbs, and declared himself to be the Lord of Misrule. He produced a Spanish orange from behind the bishop's ear before a model fish, decorated with peacock feathers and placed on the table, broke open to reveal many more. Barbara recognised them as those given to the Doctor by Miguel de Cervantes.

The food consisted of swan, pies of mincemeat and fruit, baked pike and salmon with wine sauce and a pig - the head of which was placed in front of Vicki.

The feast was interrupted by Archbishop Arundel. When Barbara quoted from The Canterbury Tales - a work by Richard II's favourite, Geoffrey Chaucer - and the Doctor criticised Arundel, the Archbishop declared the feast over and the travellers to be Lollards. (AUDIO: The Doctor's Tale)